The fact that our organization has taken place in a period when important developments related to the sector have occurred has caused the people and institutions from within and outside the sector to make different interpretations. Of course, comments have been as negative as positive ones and will be thereafter. But those who push the boundaries of respect and transcend these boundaries from time to time do not serve anything other than to strengthen our notion of unity. We are grateful to anyone who initiates, develops, concludes, and causes this process, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unwillingly.

We are trying to create a perception that some sanctions related to our sector are on the agenda. “The fewer the number of firms providing surveillance services, the higher the quality of service.” What is regrettable is that there are companies that see this sector as locomotives. However, it is best for them to know that this idea is not right because it was already 15 years ago. These companies, which do not link the reasons for the increased number of firms in the sector to themselves, are trying to cut the bill for the current situation to those who are not themselves. These companies, operating worldwide and not exceeding the number of thumbs, are trying to destroy 100% domestic firms with their economic and structural strengths. Yes, there are people and institutions that are not worthy of this mosque. It’s like every other area! And after that, it will be either. However, we would like to be aware that we will not be allowed to go out of this minority just because of the smallness of our financial and structural scales, and no member will be subjected to unjustified charges from now on. It should also not be forgotten that no company would have been able to survive in the sector if it had not been necessary. This is not a situation unique to my country. These big firms have begun to break apart by the local companies, which are opened in all the countries in which they operate. Some of these companies, which use prices from their economical and structural strengths to lower prices, are trying to mask themselves by accusing local firms of doing cheaply.

As members of the UGFD, our efforts to show respect for our industry and the recognition of the existence of domestic companies, to this day, are no doubt that we will show stronger strength together under the roof of our association from now on. For this reason, we will not compromise our independence, impartiality and ethical rule-of-loyalty, which we have until today, and then we will strengthen our national capital as an association, educate staff in the sector and develop, expand and disseminate quality perception. Without forgetting that accreditation and certification issues are subject to voluntary nature and should be operated in this way, our association will organize, support and encourage our members in these matters. Our goal is to move the accreditation and certification programs to be organized from paper to paper in the frames on the office walls.

As UGFD, we will open our doors to all companies that will give our hearts, the sector will not shade its reputation, and will share our mission and vision. It is no doubt that we will fight with all our power in the country in which we are trying to be left alone as a country, in order for our country to develop and strengthen our country.

The Republic of Turkey as stated in our Constitution, democratic, secular, social state of law. We will always strive to fight on this legal ground. We will not disrespect anyone’s will and desire. We will not cease to give answers to those who are unfair against us, to those who slander them, on the grounds of law. Day is the day of unity against the destruction of the national capital.